A New Breed joins the AKC

As the largest U.S. registry of purebred dogs, the
American Kennel Club is dedicated to the advancement of
breeding and study of purebreds. Every now and then a
new breed is recognized.

Welcome Norwegian Buhund; one of the newest breeds to
join the AKC is the Norwegian Buhund. As of January 1st
2007, this breed became officially recognized and eligible
to compete in the miscellaneous group. There are 460
registered Norwegian Buhunds who can compete in events
and dog shows.

About the Buhund
The Norwegian Buhund is a medium size herding dog.
This northern breed has a square build, pointy ears and
a raised curled tail. This self-confident, affectionate breed
makes a great hearing dog for the deaf. However, don't let
his sunny disposition fool you. He is a working dog and can
be found alongside the city's finest as a police dog.
Perhaps his knack for working with police officers stems
from his past as a bear and wolf hunter.

Other new members to the AKC include: the Plott and
Tibetan Mastiff, who compete under the hound and
working groups, the Beuceron and the Swedish Vallhund
who compete under the herding group, and The Irish Red
& White Setter, who compete in the Sporting Group.

A purebred dog is one who comes from two parents of the
same breed. These two dogs have similar characteristics
and traits that will be passed on to their purebred puppy.

Being a purebred isn't the only requirement necessary to
be recognized by the American Kennel Club. There are
some other rules that need to be followed in order for a
breed to be eligible for entry into this club.

In order to be recognized in the miscellaneous category,
there must be a minimum of 300 dogs, with a
three-generation pedigree, in at least 20 states. There is a
wait of 1-3 years to become fully recognized.

There are height, weight, gait, color, and other
characteristic requirements that each dog must have in
order to enter a competition or be recognized. For
example, a Poodle that exceeds fifteen inches in height
would be excluded from participating in a competition.

Once recognized, the breed is placed in a class. They
include: Hound, Working, Sporting, Non-Sporting, Terrier,
Herding and Toy.
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