World Veterinary Day and you...

Saturday, April 28 was the World Veterinary Day of 2007.

This is the day to celebrate a great profession and show
its greatness throughout the World.  All veterinarians are
aware of the multitude of beneficial professional activities
and artful practices that the profession does for its patients
and clients. To help educate the public, the theme for this
year´s World Veterinary Day is "Celebrate our Diversity".

The objective of the World Veterinary Day is to highlight
the great work of the veterinary profession around the
World. World Veterinary Day was founded in 2001.

The World Veterinary Day is celebrated on the "last
Saturday in April" when all veterinarians publicly display
their broad knowledge, skills, and the many contributions
their profession makes to society and the world at large. It
is a day that private practitioners, corporate and public
practitioners, educators and students can show the many
contributions of their great profession.

It can be celebrated by each veterinarian, veterinary clinic,
veterinary organization or agency in a way that each
believes best demonstrates the contributions of the
scientific activities from the veterinary profession.

The World Veterinary Association (WVA), originally
established in 1863, is celebrating the contributions
of the veterinary profession worldwide.

Well over a century ago, the father of pathology,
physician Sir William Osler, stated that veterinary medicine
and human medicine complement each other and should
be considered one medicine.

World Health Day 2007, celebrated on April 7, 2007,
focuses on "International health security".

The veterinary medical profession joins the WHO in
supporting World Health Day 2007, to build a safer future
through global investment in health. Threats to health
move across borders, as illustrated by the global spread
of avian influenza caused by the H5N1 virus. Of the newly
emerging infectious diseases, over 75% are of Zoonotic
nature meaning animals and human share those diseases.

One of the most important issues confronting the
veterinary profession are Food Safety and Food Security,
Emerging and Re-emerging Animal Diseases and
Zoonoses, Animal Welfare and Sustainable Environment
and Bioterrorism

The WVA supports the one medicine concept to build
a safer future through a one medicine global response
to emerging and re-emerging infectious disease such as
Rift Valley fever, Influenza H5N1, bubonic plague, West
Nile virus and dozens of other threats to humankind.

The advent of globalization, combined with the ease and
tremendous increase in volume of passengers of air-travel
and hence the international movement of peoples, animals
and animal products, greatly contributes to the emergence
of animal diseases.
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