Pets soon to overtake....!

According to the U.S. Census Bureau there are just over
300 million people in America; and according to the just
released National Pet Owners Survey, there are more than
245 million pets (not counting all the individual fish in
tanks). In other words, there are nearly as many pets as
people !

Actually, far more people have pets than kids. The U.S.
Census Bureau says 31 percent of households have a
child under age 18, and, 63 percent of households have at
least one pet.

In fact, Americans spend more money on pets than on
hardware, jewelry or even toys. Spending $41 billion, pets
are the eighth largest retail category. That’s up from 38.5
billion dollars devoted to pet food, toys and various
products in 2005. For most Americans, pets have become
a part of their lives.

In fact, the scaly friends, reptiles, as a group have
increased in popularity. 13.5 million people proudly say
they have at least one cold-blooded friend. Lots of factors
account for reptiles’ rise in popularity, including
glamorization from TV shows and even commercials, and
perhaps maintaining a link to nature in an urban
environment (most reptile owners live in big cities). Also,
reptiles don’t miss their people who may be too busy to
keep a cat or a dog. That’s because some species are
bred for temperament, making them easy and enjoyable to
manage as pets – including the leopard gecko, corn snake
and bearded dragon lizard.

Of course, cats and dogs still rule. Cats remain the most
popular of all pets, with 88 million in the U.S.

The average number of dogs is 1.7 per home. Dogs are
being increasingly permitted inside the bedroom. 37
percent of large dogs, 33 percent of medium sized dogs,
and more than half of all small dogs share a bed with a
household member.
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