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Major Range of Products

Extocides - Tick & Flea control
Mineral supplements
Vitamin supplements
Coat conditioners
Growth promoters
Productivity enhancers
Fertility promoters
Digestive products
A range of  Pet Foods
Pet Accessories - nearly 300 types
Remote injection devices
Farm Fluids
Wetting Agents for sprays

Class of Products
Liquid orals, External preparations, Sprays, oral powders, Dusting powders, Tablets, Biologicals

Major Brands: Tik Tox, Pestex, Dingo, Luster coat, Calciphos, Fertimin, Vimin, Liverol, Glucafed,
Sparkleen, Deodet, Agrowet, Greenmix, Digestone, Jumbomin, Zoomin, Prodject..........

Also marketing a variety of vaccines and biologicals from Europe and US.

Major Animal Category served   Dogs, cats, Cattle, Poultry, Pig, Goat, Sheep
Also catering to Zoo animals and elephants

Calciphos® Mineral supplement for animals containing calcium, phosphorus, other trace minerals
and amino acids in specific ratio for proper growth

Greenmix® Vitamin AD3 containing feed supplement, Gelatin coated micronised granules for
increased shell life.

Glucafed® A revolutionary glucogenic feed supplement with antiketotic  property for quick and
sustained energy, circumvents ruminant microbes.

Fertimin® Copper, cobalt, soluble Iron and other specific minerals and vitamins as feed
supplement for cattle with infertility of nutritional origin.

Liverol® Water miscible, high energy fish oil based formulation meant for weight gain and growth
in poultry, cattle and companion animals

Vimin® Multivitamin-mineral feed supplement with optimum bio-availabilty

Digestone®  A unique blend of minerals & plant extracts for better feed digestion

Sparkleen® Liquid cleaning agent for use in kennels, farm houses, greasy milk containers

Deodet® Deodorant detergent for diaries, farmhouses and kennels.

Agrowet® Anionic agricultural wetting agent

Pestex® Natural insectifuge with anti-feedant property, may also be used in maggot control,
environment friendly

Tik Tox® Liquid, Tik Tox Powder - Extocide for Tick & Flea control

Dingo® Hand made launder agent for use in Kennels

Luster Coat® A unique blend of natural omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, choline, Inositol,
phospholipids, Vit-A, Vit-E and synergistic nutrients in an easily absorbable high calorie water
miscible form. Gives smooth, lustrous and healthy hair coat in horses, dogs and cats.

Prodject® Remote Injection device ( Patented )

And also a wide range of Pet Accessories &

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