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Textbook of Wild and Zoo Animals:
Care and Management
Management of wildlife both captive and free
ranging is gaining importance now a days and
veterinarians are often called to attend such
situations. It also extends to other aspects of
wildlife management like housing, breeding and
nutrition. The intention of this text book is to
familiarise the students with the basics of wildlife

Topics listed include taxonomy, habitat, principles
of captive management of wildlife, methods of
restraint and aquaculture. Discussion on the
diseases affecting the wildlife is limited to the list
of diseases reported among wildlife in India. This
is because veterinary students get ample
opportunity to learn such topics from their regular
curriculum. Similar is the case with the chapter
dealing with nutrition.

This book will be of use for students of Veterinary,
Forestry, Biology and other Life Sciences, as
well as for practicing veterinarians and foresters.
Textbook of Wild & Zoo Animals - Care and Management